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Learn more about the TruGuard™ Safety System

  • The world’s first system that effectively isolates the entire upper control area and tool outlets from an energized boom-tip.
  • TruGuard™ Safety System requires little to no maintenance – simply keep it clean and wipe it down.
  • Zero moving parts or links. The unit protected with a cover preventing both damage and contamination.
  • Exceeds ANSI A92.2 standards for dielectric isolation.
  • No training is needed.  It is a passive system
  • TruGuard™ comes standard on every new Versalift insulated aerial lift.

TruGuard™ provides an additional layer of protection between linemen and high-voltage environments.
TruGuard™ represents a quantum leap in safety technology for insulated bucket trucks, providing aerial lift operators with the highest levels of dielectric protection available on the market today. Injury from electric shock is is quite common in the electric utility industry, and is often extremely severe. TruGuard™ provides an additional layer of dielectric protection to linemen at the platform. By completely isolating the upper controls, TruGuard™ provides far more complete protection than any plastic handle can offer. With TruGuard™, hydraulic tools can be safely used at the platform, allowing linemen to use the tools that they prefer to use.

“Anything you can incorporate into a piece of equipment to provide safety is paramount. That’s what takes us home to our families. That’s what it’s all about.” – Electric Power Distribution Lineman